Bechtel Expatriate Program

Spectrum Credit Union offers expatriate employees working in the U.S. a range of financial products and services. Many of our services are available without a Social Security number or ITN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).

Spectrum Membership Application for Bechtel Expatriates



Membership Benefits

Foreign Nationals who will be working for Bechtel in the U.S. may apply for Spectrum membership prior to arrival in the U.S., or at any time after arriving.

Download a summary of the program here (Adobe Acrobat required to view).


To open an account with the Credit Union, you will need:

  • A copy of your passport,
  • A copy of the front and back of your Bechtel badge and/or a copy of your Letter of Assignment or Letter of Introduction,
  • Spectrum Membership Application and Agreement,
  • IRS form W-8 BEN,
  • BSA form questionnaire, and
  • A minimum $25 opening deposit ($50 for joint accounts).


Click here for instructions on how to complete IRS form W-8 BEN.

Please be advised that the Spectrum membership application must be signed in ink and cannot be submitted by fax or email. Spectrum will only accept original applications. If you are mailing your membership packet from overseas, we recommend that you send it by tractable courier service.

Supplementary restrictions apply for foreign memberships and may supersede Spectrum field-of-membership rules.


Deposit Programs

Spectrum offers FREE Checking and Savings accounts to meet the needs of Bechtel expatriates working in the U.S.


FREE Checking Account

  • No Social Security number or ITIN required for Bechtel expatriates
  • FREE ATM/Debit Card, box of checks, and online check images
  • UNLIMITED check writing abilities


FREE Savings Accounts

  • No Social Security number or ITIN required for Bechtel expatriates
  • Earn highly competitive dividends on our MarketEdge (money market) accounts



Foreign National Loan Program*

Spectrum offers select personal and auto loans to Bechtel expatriates working in the U.S.


If you are interested in obtaining Consumer or Auto Loans with Spectrum Credit Union, we require the following documentation:

  • Spectrum Membership Application - We will make the initial $25 opening deposit required to establish membership.
  • Letter of Introduction/Assignment - You must provide an introduction letter stating your repatriation date, the dividion of the company you are currently on assignment for, and the name and phone number of the Human Resources counselor assigned to you.
  • Proof of Income and Statement Letter - You must provide documentation that Bechtel will cover your living expenses. Proofof income can be a copy of your pay company other than Bechtel Corporation.
  • Completed Personal Reference Form - You can obtain this form from any Spectrum branch or download it here.



Applications Accepted Prior to Arrival in the U.S.

Foreign Nationals coming to work for Bechtel in the U.S. may apply for the following loans through Spectrum during the six months prior to arriving in the U.S.

Spectrum loan products can be approved before you arrive in the U.S., and repayment can begin prior to arrival to establish U.S. credit. (Credit records can only be established for those members with an ITIN or Social Security number.)

Expatriates cannot have more than $5,000 in unsecured debt.


1. Unsecured Line of Credit (LOC)

  • A revolving Line of Credit you can access whenever you need it
  • Transfer funds to your checking account to pay upfront relocation expenses


2. Share-Secured Line of Credit (LOC)

  • Build credit history
  • Borrow money against your Share accounts
  • Make a large purchase without depleting your accounts

Funds totaling 110% of the loan will be held until the loan is repaid. Loan amounts range from $500 to $100,000 with a minimum monthly payment of $25. Your initial rate will be determined by the percentage of shares being used as the credit limit and will adjust monthly thereafter.


3. Personal Loan

  • Issued as one loan (instead of as a revolving line of credit)
  • Personal loans can be used to make large, one-time purchases and have a fixed rate, which can be paid over the term of your assignment

To apply for a line of credit or loan, click here to enter the secure Consumer Loan Application.

If you have any questions about the loan application, please call 510-251-6000 or 800-782-8782.



Other Services


Electronic Services

  • FREE PC Access Online Banking
  • FREE Direct Deposit
  • FREE Internal Account Transfers
  • FREE Electronic Statements and Account Notices
  • FREE Domestic Bill Payer Service
  • Low-Cost Domestic and International Wire/Money Transfers



Financial Education

We can provide one-on-one counseling regarding U.S. banking systems and financial services.



Auto & Home Insurance*


Liberty Mutual (all locations except Texas)

  • Liberty Mutual will credit expatriates for non-U.S. driving experience, thereby avoiding the high rates often charged to new U.S. drivers
  • Expatriates must provide a valid U.S. driver's license and a letter, in English, from his/her previous insurance company (in the home country) stating a clean driving record for the past three years, as well as the total number of years of driving experience
  • Pay your premium automatically with a monthly deduction from your Spectrum accounts

For a free quote from Liberty Mutual, please call Dave Fabucci at 800-439-0455, extension 58339.


Farmers Insurance through The Host Insurance Group (Texas only)

  • Overseas driving experience taken into consideration to provide you with the best rates
  • Pay your premium automatically with a monthly deduction from your Spectrum accounts
  • Choose from six or 12 month policies, with worldwide liability coverage included
  • A Social Security number or U.S. driver's license is not required to secure insurance

Click here or call 281-342-3276 to sign up.




For more information on Spectrum and our expatriate services, please speak with your Assignee Counselor, visit your local Spectrum branch, email us, or call us at 510-251-6000 or 800-782-8782.



*Not all applicants will qualify. Programs, rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

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