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Mobile Banking Update Launched November 30

View FAQs regarding the updated services here.

On the evening of November 30, the Credit Union launched a new Mobile Banking app with some great new features.  

Available for Android phones and tablets, Kindle Fire, iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watch, the app gives members the ability to:

  • Make member-to-member transfers
  • View Quick Balance without logging in
  • Log in using a fingerprint on compatible devices
  • Freeze ATM/Debit cards or temporarily raise/lower daily limits

IMPORTANT: The old app is no longer connected to our system. Members must update the app to continue using the service.

Also, please note that any text account alerts previously set up through PC Access will need to be reset using Mobile Banking. (Account alerts sent via email can still be set up through PC Access.)

Log in information for the Mobile Banking app has not changed. However, you will be required to enter a One-Time PIN the first time you open the app on a device.

Text Message Banking Service Also Changing

In addition to the new Mobile Banking app, the Credit Union also launched a new Text Message Banking service.

The upgraded system allows members to check the balance and transaction history of specific accounts and to transfer funds between any of their own Credit Union accounts.

IMPORTANT: The Text Message Banking mobile number and commands have changed to the following:

Text Commands to 86020

MENU All available commands
NICK View NICK# identifier for each account
STOP Deactivate Text Message Banking
BAL All account balances
BAL (NICK#) Balance for a specific account
LAST Five most recent transactions
LAST (NICK#) Last transaction for a specific account
TRANS (NICK# from) (NICK# to) (amount) Transfer between accounts*

*For example: TRANS S0900 S0100 50 is the text to transfer $50 from your S0900 Checking account to your S0100 Primary Savings accounts.

If you have questions or need assistance, please stop by your branch or give us a call at 510-251-6000 or toll-free 800-782-8782.