Spectrum has made a special commitment to Spectrum expatriates working in the U.S. and, through arrangements with Spectrum Corporation, can help make your transition from your home country to the U.S. as easy as possible. We also offer a range of services to foreign nationals working for Spectrum overseas.

About Spectrum's Expatriate Services

Foreign nationals working for Spectrum both inside and outside of the U.S. are able to utilize a range of Spectrum products and services, and we do not require a Social Security number. Some of the products and services you may be eligible for include:

  • FREE Checking Accounts and Savings Accounts
  • Investments including Share Certificates (CDs) with competitive rates of return
  • Personal Lines of Credit, Share-Secured Lines of Credit, and Personal Loans
  • Auto Loans and Credit Cards
  • Auto and Home Insurance
  • Low-Cost Domestic and International Wire Transfers
  • FREE Payroll Direct Deposit
  • FREE Electronic Statements and Online Banking

To take advantage of these services, please click on the relevant link below to find out more information. 

Click here if you are a Foreign National working for Spectrum in the United States.

Click here if you are a Foreign National working for Spectrum outside the United States. 

To access the Spectrum Membership Application for Spectrum Expatriates, click here.