New Security Feature Fights Email Spoofers

October 22, 2019 by Sherri Kelley

In an effort to better protect our members, the Credit Union recently enabled a security feature which fights email spoofers.

With email spoofing, cyber-criminals forge emails to make them look like they are coming from a trusted source. Their goal is often to trick victims into giving out sensitive information or installing viruses.

The newly enabled security feature works to block email spoofers pretending to be the Credit Union so they cannot easily prey on our members.

Please Note: If the email address you have on file with the Credit Union is set up to automatically forward emails to another email address, legitimate communications from the Credit Union may not forward.

Automatic forwarding may be seen as a spoofing attempt by our system.

For more information on how the Credit Union protects your information, visit spectrumcu.org/security.

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