Key Events and Dates to Know for 2022

December 29, 2021 by Spectrum Credit Union

As we head into a new year, goal setting is a very common theme. Nearly seven out of 10 people, in fact, say they’re considering a financial resolution in 2022. To help plan ahead and take action with financial wellbeing in mind, we’ve compiled a calendar of dates, events and opportunities to know as you welcome 2022.


1: New retirement savings contribution rules become effective, which means you can save more for your future depending on the type of retirement plan you have. Get the details for 2022 here and here, and find additional links to plan information here.

11 & 20: Did you know that true financial health is based on four key components: spend, save, borrow and plan? Join your credit union for a webinar that can help you answer the question: Are You Financially Healthy?

13: Want some tips and tricks to help trim expenses and maximize hard-earned savings? Join us for a webinar to get Your Ideal Financial Health Check-up.

31: Keep an eye out for the arrival of your W-2 salary income, 1099 income and tax deduction related forms. Check them for accuracy in preparation for tax time.


9 & 17: Expand your toolkit of strategies that can help measure your personal financial success. Join your credit union for the webinar Ten Steps to Financial Success.

21-25: It’s America Saves Week; what can you do to build financial resilience?


8 & 17: Credit reports are a gauge of creditworthiness, but many people are uncertain about exactly how they work. Join your credit union for some answers by tuning into the webinar, Solving the Mystery of Credit Reports.


1-30: It’s National Financial Capability Month; take some smart steps toward improving your financial future.

12 & 21: Every investor has unique goals. Learn more about how to reach them and develop an investment portfolio that works for your lifestyle and budget by attending your credit union’s webinar On the Road to Riches.

18: It’s tax filing deadline day (yes, it’s changed from the 15th due to Emancipation Day in Washington, DC). Have you prepared your federal income tax return for 2021 (or filed for an automatic six-month extension)?

20: Have you checked your credit report lately? Looked for errors that might affect your credit score? Today marks the end of free, weekly credit reports (a pandemic-related access measure) from each of the major credit bureaus — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — at AnnualCreditReport.com. After this date, you’re entitled to a free report every 12 months.

29: It’s National Credit Union Youth Month. Take this opportunity to make saving a family affair by exploring your credit union’s MySavings Youth account for ages 21 and younger.


10 & 19: Retirement is something to look forward to — and it needs to be planned in advance. Learn about how to reach this long-term goal with your credit union’s webinar, Retirement Planning The Basics.

29: It’s 529 College Savings Day; do you know the 411 on 529s?


1-30: It’s National Homeownership Month; are you aware that your credit union’s mortgage financing options are tough to beat? Or have you wondered whether a HELOC could help you maximize the value of your biggest asset?


1-30: It’s College Savings Month; do you have a plan to pay for your child’s future college education? Get schooled by reading 8 Ways to Pay for College.


1: It’s “FAFSA” season — Oct. 1 is the date the Free Application for Federal Student Aid opens — the gateway to need-based financial aid for college. Want a primer on this and other college prep tasks? Read our College Planning 101: A Parent’s Quick Guide.

15: If you filed an extension for filing your income tax return for 2021, today is the six-month extension due date.

17-23: It’s Estate Planning Awareness Week;  get the facts you need to know and get acquainted with estate-plan essentials.

21: It’s International Credit Union Day, and that makes it a great time for a friendly reminder — read up on Why More People Are Considering Credit Unions as Their Primary Bank.


31: Today is the last day to make tax-deductible contributions to charity this year, so plan your giving as the month comes to a close. Want some inspiration? Check out 3 Ways to Give Back This Season.

Jumpstart financial success this year

Sticking to resolutions can be easier if you plan ahead. By reviewing key dates and gathering guidance, you’ll be on your way to focusing on your most important financial goals with clarity and confidence.

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