How We Protect Your Information

How Spectrum Credit Union protects your information

Multi-layered security
Our Online and Mobile Banking platform uses a multi-layered security structure to protect our applications and networks. This helps keep your information safe from hackers and identity thieves.

Spectrum Credit Union’s high-security protocols are among some of the strongest available. With our sophisticated encryption tools, we ensure your online and mobile transactions are secured, and we prevent your data from being accessed by unauthorized parties.
Fraud monitoring
Fraud can happen quickly, and often you won’t know until it’s already happened. Spectrum Credit Union has a dedicated, in-house team that exclusively focuses on protecting and safeguarding your accounts, transactions, and data.

Ongoing education
As part of our commitment to keeping you informed, we publish guidance and tips on our blog for how to protect your financial and confidential information.

Beware Credit Union impersonators

At Spectrum Credit Union, we will not call or text you and ask you to share your account number, login credentials, or any other confidential information unless it is to authenticate a wire transfer request you initiated online.

If you get a suspicious call or text from someone claiming to be from the Credit Union, even if the number appears to belong to the Credit Union, please call us at 800-782-8782.

Only provide sensitive information if you have called us directly, if we call in response to a wire transfer transaction you initiated online, or via Secure Email within Digital Banking.

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